Project Finance & PPP: Construction of a landfill in Kostinbrod

In 2010 Delchev & Partners provided advice the construction and exploitation of a landfill in Municipality of Kostinbrod which is aimed at ensuring safe deactivation of municipal waste.  The landfill built in the Municipality of Kostinbrod is designated as a regional center and therefore intended to be utilized also by the surrounding municipalities.  Shareholders in the company which shall own and operate the landfill are the Municipality of Kostinbrod and a private company.  The Municipality grants the land for the construction of the landfill and the private shareholder ensures the financing.

Delchev & Partners acts as advisor to the private company responsible for the construction of eth landfill in order to ensure that the realization of the project complies with the entire complexity of modalities and processes which need to be completely consistent at any moment with the constantly developing Bulgarian and European Union legislation.  In particular, Delchev & Partners has provided comprehensive advice on the contractual relationships between public and private entities, investment modality, risk management, responsibilities, public procurement rules and the use of public and private resources for the provision of services.