Legal Alert – Changes to Animal Feed Act (EN)

Agricultural producers

List of registered agricultural producers: The Ministry of Agriculture and Food shall provide monthly to the Bulgaria Food Safety Agency a list of agricultural producers, performing activities falling into the scope of article 9 of EC Regulation 183/2005 for operations at the level of primary production of feed and the associated operations set out in article 5, para. 1 of EC Regulation 183/2005. The list shall be published in the Internet by the Bulgaria Food Safety Agency.


Transporters of feed

Registration of feed transporters: The transportation of feed shall be carried out by registered transporters only.

Registration body: The transporter is required to file an application for registration with the director of the regional directorate of the food safety agency.

Changes to circumstances: Upon changes of circumstances the transporters shall notify in writing the director of the regional directorate of the food safety agency within 3 days of their occurrence.

Documents accompanying transport: The feed transport has to be accompanies by a document stating:

  • name and address of transporter;
  • location of trade/production establishment;
  • origin of transported feed;
  • quantity, type and destination of feed;

Registers of transporters: The register of transporter shall be kept by the regional directorate of food safety agency. The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency shall keep a national register of transporters

Dossiers: The regional directorate of the food safety agency shall keep dossiers of the transporters.


Operator having no warehouse

Subject to registration and inscription (respectively to approval and registration) shall be operators, which in conducting their activities do not store feed at a warehouse but trade directly from the warehouse of the producers and/or traders to the warehouses of the consumers.


Operators placing on the marker fee with GMOs

New obligations: New obligations are provided for operators placing on the market feed containing GMOs. (see articles 23 г – 23 ж).