Legal Alert – Changes to Animal Feed Act (EN)

Requirements for operators in the feed sector

Analysis: Certain operators are required to carry out feed analysis in respect of dioxins and dioxin-like polychlorinated biphenyls. (see article 26а – 26б)


Medicinal feed products

New regulation for medicinal feed products is introduced.

Introduction in medicinal feed:

Only licensed for usage medicinal veterinary products may be introduced into medicinal feed products.  The licensing is carried out:

  • in accordance with chapter eleven of the Veterinary Medicinal Activities Act;
  • in accordance with EC Regulation 726/2004.

Approval for production and trade: Approval for production and/or trade with medicinal feed may be obtained by feed operators, which are:

  • registered in the register under article 20;
  • approved as operators in the feed sector in another EU state.

The approval procedure is set out in article 55a et sec.

Registers: The registers are kept by the regional directorate of the food safety agency. The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency shall keep a national register.

Prohibitions: A long list of prohibitions on the use of medicinal feed is set out in 55e.


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