Tobacco advertising in Bulgaria 2013 (EN)

Since most films may be deemed “cross-border activities”, such advertising would often be the case of forbidden sponsorship if found that a contribution had been given to the film makers.

Currently this issue is not expressly regulated and has not been addressed in the case-law of competent authorities in Bulgaria.

A common approach in most countries with restrictions on tobacco product advertising is the corporate advertising where the general objective is to promote a positive image of the manufacturer of the tobacco products even though no specific brands or trademarks are directly presented (for example by promoting the quality of raw materials used within the production line).

It may be argued whether such advertising falls within the scope of application of the restrictions on advertising of tobacco products as the commercial communication is not directly presenting and promoting a specific tobacco product.

While such advertising practices are expressly regulated in some EU member states, in Bulgaria no specific statutory provisions address the issue.


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