Energy and Natural Resources: Construction of Maritza East I Power Plant

In 2005 commenced the construction of Maritza East 1 2 x 300MW lignite fired power plant near Galabovo, Stara Zagora region. The brand new power plant is privately owned and is one of the major investment projects in Bulgaria backed by 23 Lending Banks, among which CALYON, ING, BNP Paribas, EBRD, Hermes (Germany) & Coface (France) and the Bulgarian government.

Maritsa East 1 power plant will comprise state of the art technology which is fully compliant with all EU norms, especially in terms of environment (gas emissions, zero discharge for liquid effluents, etc.). In addition, Maritza East 1 units will contribute to almost 10 % of the load capacity in Bulgaria.

Delchev & Partners has provided legal and tax support to the main contractor of the project – ALSTOM a global leader in production of equipment and provision of services for power generation and rail transport. We are proud to have contributed to the realization of the largest and probably the most complicated foreign investment in Bulgaria.