Bulgarian Competition & Unfair Competition Law

The definition of ‘competition’ is the activity or condition of striving to gain or win something by defeating or establishing superiority over others. In the world of business and corporate entities competition has always meant the perpetual propensity for superiority.

In the realm of open market economy and market behaviour an undertaking(s) may achieve that in one of the following ways:

  • by naturally evolving and growing to be the biggest and the best because they offer the best product at the best price, thus gradually becoming dominant over others in the market;
  • undertakings may decide to grow artificially by simply merging or acquiring control over other undertakings the ultimate result being again the existence of an economic entity striving for superiority against others;
  • independent undertakings may as well strive to establish superiority by coming into agreements with each other.

Competition law is designed to guarantee the rules of that game, i.e. that natural growth and evolution of undertakings towards dominance is not restricted only the abuse thereof; artificial growth resulting in the creation and strengthening of dominance is undesired; and undertakings have to be very careful on what terms they come into agreements in order not to prevent, restrict or distort competition.  Competition rules now represent the imperative outline of undertakings’ market behaviour and the compliance therewith might mean the difference between a prosperous and ever-growing business or its sudden collapse.

For the past decade competition law in Bulgaria and the European Union has evolved intensely and reached immense dimensions in almost every possible market. The development of the global market, in general, and the market within the European Union, in particular, has entailed a new “etiquette” for competitive behavior.

We, at Delchev & Partners are committed to guiding our clients’ way through their struggle for superiority in the market on a daily basis. Delchev & Partners practice encompasses the full range of legal advice and services in compliance with both the Community and Bulgarian competition and unfair competition rules. More specifically we cover:




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