Real Estate

After the collapse of communism in 1989, Bulgaria entered into a painful and volatile phase of change from state-owned into market economy. In a few years time only title over real estate was transferred by the State to individual owners under a number of privatization laws. State and municipal property was privatized through direct sales or mass privatization programs. The newly privatized companies further “divested” real estate in an effort to gather much needed financial resources. From 1989 to date ownership over real estate in Bulgaria changed completely.

The massive change of ownership was also accompanied by an evolving and often contradictory legislation. Bulgarian laws of property are undergoing drastic changes driven by the need for market orientated real estate legislation. These changes in laws and in society in general unfortunately provide fertile grounds for real estate disputes, frequent changes of land statute, uncertainties and other problems.

Delchev & Partners’ property lawyers will provide a complete service to property clients seeking to buy or sell property in Bulgaria, or working on a development project or joint venture is involved. Delchev & Partners will safeguard your real estate interests. Trust our expertise and you will not regret it.

Our real estate legal services are seamless. We believe that real estate law can only be practiced effectively by specialists who understand the cultural and linguistic context in which the advice is being given.

Delchev & Partners Real Estate Practice covers all aspects of law relating to ownership and use of land and buildings including among others: