Health and Safety Measures by Employers in Bulgaria – Corona Virus (EN)

Measures for prevention of the risk of Covid-19 spread
directed at employers


Measures for prevention of the risk of Covid-19 spread directed at employers 

On 02.04.2020 the Bulgarian Minister of Labour and Social Policy issued an Order which obligates employers until the end of the emergency situation to implement measures for prevention of the risk of Covid-19 spread in accordance with the type and nature of their activity by ensuring working conditions which include at least the following:


1. Providing special instructions to the employees with a focus on limiting the spread of COVID-19 and providing upto-date information on infection risks, including appropriate instructions, information materials and guidance on using reliable sources of information.

2. Introduction of access control which guarantees control and non-admission of employees and outsiders who show symptoms of acute contagious diseases to the territory of the enterprise.

3. Establishment of work organization that minimizes direct contacts between employees and between employees and outsiders on the territory of the enterprise and, where possible, keeping a distance of not less than 1 – 1.5 m.

4. Compulsory cleaning and disinfection of the workplaces, sanitary facilities and places for resting and eating. Disinfection must be carried out at least twice during the workday / workshift, but not less than the frequency specified by the manufacturer of the disinfections used. In case of workishift organization of the work, mandatory disinfection should be carried out after the end of each shift.

5. Ensuring the necessary conditions for keeping the personal hygiene of the employees: running hot water, detergents, napkins and disposable towels, disinfectants and others.

6. Ensuring good ventilation hygiene in the workplace by regular ventilation of the premises.

7. Provision of the necessary personal and collective protective gear to the employees in accordance with the specifics of the activity – protective face masks, gloves and others.

8. Disinfection and ventilation of the vehicles after each run, in case of transportation provided by the employer, minimizing the number of employees in the vehicle and providing them with protective gear.

9. Temporary suspension of employees who show flu-like symptoms and employees who do not use the provided personal protective gear.

The implementation of the measures must be discussed in the health and safety conditions groups/committees. In case of employers who have less than 5 employees, the measures must be discussed with all employees.



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