Legal Alert Changes to Labour Code




Changes and amendments to the Labour Code were published in State Gazette # 48/13.06.2006 in force as of 01.07.2006.

Some of the important changes are summarized below.

I. Extending the Workers and Employees’ Representation and Participation in the Consultations with the Employer

(1) Introducing a Wider Workers and Employees’ Representation   

New regulations concerning the election of workers and employees’ representatives by the General Meeting of the workers and employees and providing for the number1, election manner and mandate of the representatives have been adopted. The representatives are included in the category of persons who enjoy preliminary protection in case of dismissal under Art. 333 of the Labour Code. Workers and employees’ representatives are bound to participate in the information exchange and consultations with the employer in the cases provided for by the law.

(2) Introducing Stricter Employer’s Obligations for Providing Information and Consulting Workers and Employees Regarding the Employment Contract or the Employment Relationship Provisions; in case of Mass Dismissals; in case of Change of Employer and in case of Change in Company’s Activities, Economic State and Work Organisation 

The employer is obliged upon employee’s request to provide an objective and just work record regarding his/her professional qualities and working activities results or a just recommendation in case of job application with another employer. The law sets forth the right of information of the employee seconded to another State with regard the secondment conditions.