Legal Alert EORI Register

Persons who have obtained an EORI number are obliged to use it upon any contact with customs administrations in the EU territory.

2. Registration Procedure

The registration for obtaining an EORI number is carried out after submitting a completed registration form through the web site of the Customs Agency ( with a universal electronic signature or on a hard copy with the competent customs office. The following identification documents should be enclosed to the registration form:

  • For individuals – valid identity card
  • For legal entities, sole traders, associations and other persons – registration documents issued by the competent bodies of the country of establishment containing the necessary identification data and a current status certificate issued no later than 6 months before submitting the EORI registration documents.

The registration form and the rest of the registration documents should be completed and submitted in Bulgarian language.

The customs authorities verify the data indicated by the person in the registration form and issue an EORI number within 5 working days. The person is informed of the registration and of the obtained EORI number via an e-mail message sent to the e-mail address indicated in the registration form.

3. One-off (Ad-hoc) Number

A one-off (ad-hoc) number could be issued in exceptional cases only, when the person has not been issued an EORI number yet, even if they have already applied for registration, or if the person is not obliged to register in the EORI system but is required to fill in an identification number in the customs declaration. Such number is not an EORI number and is not exchanged in the EORI system. Its main purpose is to be used when filling in the relevant customs declaration.

This one-off number is issued by the customs office where the goods are presented.



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