EU Blue Card for Highly-Qualified Foreign Employees

One of the options for work and stay in Bulgaria available to highly-qualified nationals of non-EU Member States is the so called EU Blue Card which represents a single employment and residence permit. The EU Blue Card is issued by the “Migration” Directorate of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior after the foreign national has obtained a permit for highly-qualified employment in Bulgaria from the Bulgarian Employment Agency and a long-term stay visa type “D” or a continuous residence permit issued on another ground. Permit for Highly-Qualified Employment The application for a permit for highly-qualified employment is submitted with the Employment … Continue reading

Fast Track Bulgarian Citizenship

In order to acquire a Bulgarian citizenship a foreigner must normally undergo a lengthy and cumbersome procedure and fulfill a number of requirements,  including a mandatory period of residence in Bulgaria of approximately ten years, a good command of the Bulgarian language, renunciation of their current citizenship, etc. However, the amendments in the Bulgarian legislation in the past few years paved an easier and smoother path to the Bulgarian citizenship goal by introducing a fast-track Bulgarian citizenship procedure on the grounds of an investment made by the foreign individual in Bulgaria. This procedure is explored by our law firm and … Continue reading

Continuous Residence for Foreigners in Bulgaria

In accordance with the Bulgarian legislation the term “foreigner” includes every individual who is not a Bulgarian or an EU, EEA or a Swiss citizen. In order to be entitled to Bulgarian residence the foreigners in Bulgaria should obtain a residence permit depending on the period of their stay and their residence status. The continuous residence status entitles the foreign individual to reside in Bulgaria for for a maximum of one year and some of the most common grounds for obtaining such a status include: Grounds for Obtaining a Continuous Residence in Bulgaria Work under an Employment Agreement In order … Continue reading

How Can an EU Citizen Reside in Bulgaria?

Following the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union (“EU”) every national of an EU Member State (i.e. every EU citizen) can without explicit permit enter and exit Bulgaria with only a valid personal identity card or passport. Further, EU citizens are entitled to reside in Bulgaria for a period of up to three months without any additional conditions other than to hold the identification documents mentioned above. If a EU citizen residing in Bulgaria wishes to stay in the country for a period exceeding three months, they need to obtain the so called “continued residence” status which is granted … Continue reading