Copyright Questionnaire 2017

Copyright 2017

Ivan Marinov
Delchev & Partners

Legislation and enforcement

1   What is the relevant legislation?

The protection of intellectual property  is generally stated in the Constitution of the  Republic of Bulgaria.  The  main legal  act  is the Bulgarian Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act (CNRA).

  • approved architectural projects, approved spatial planning pro – jects, maps, schemes, plans  and  others related to architecture, urban planning, geography, topography, museum research and any other area of science and technology;
  • graphic design of publications;
  • cadastral maps and state topographical maps.
  • translations and adaptations of existing works and works

2   Who enforces it?

Authors and other copyright holders, artists-performers and other neighbouring rights holders, collective management organisations, the court,  the customs (in case of border measures), the Minister of Culture, the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

3    Are there any specific provisions of your copyright laws that address the digital exploitation of works? Are there separate statutory provisions that do so?

There are no specific provisions in that regard. What may be of relevance is the transposition into the CNRA of the Orphan Works Directive.

4   Do your copyright laws have extraterritorial application to deal with foreign-owned or foreign-operated websites that infringe copyright?

There  are no specific provisions  in that regard.  Any such application should be substantiated based on general rules and the particular facts of any case.