Copyright Questionnaire 2017

38 Has your jurisdiction extended the term of copyright protection?

The term of copyright protection is 70 years.

The term of neighbouring rights protection is 50 years and under certain circumstances may be extended to 70 years for some of the categories of neighbouring rights.

Copyright infringement and remedies

39 What constitutes copyright infringement?

There is no legal definition of ‘copyright infringement’. Generally speaking, it is the use of an object protected by copyright (or neighbouring right) without  the consent of the right holder save for cases of free use expressly provided for by law.

40 Does secondary liability exist for indirect copyright infringement? What actions incur such liability?

There is no such legal concept under Bulgarian copyright law.

41 What remedies are available against a copyright infringer?

Generally speaking, remedies in civil, administrative (including border measures) and criminal proceedings are possible.

42 Is there a time limit for seeking remedies?

There is  no special time limit particularly regarding copyright (ie, general  rules regarding time limitation apply). Depending on the type of claim, the time limit may be up to five years or there could be no time limit.

43 Are monetary damages available for copyright infringement?

Yes, they are.

44 Can attorneys’ fees and costs be claimed in an action for

copyright infringement?

Yes, they can.