Copyright Questionnaire 2017

45 Are there criminal copyright provisions? What are they?

Yes, there are. The main provisions concern intellectual piracy, plagiarism and cases of imposed co-authorship (ie, anyone who, by abusing their official position,  includes themselves as a co-author of a work of science, literature or arts, without participating in the creative process for its elaboration).

46 Are there any specific liabilities, remedies or defences for online copyright infringement?

No, there are not.

47 How may copyright infringement be prevented?

It is not possible to give a general  answer to this question and the approach should be case-specific.

Relationship to foreign rights

48   Which international copyright conventions does your country belong to?

A list   may   be   found   here:

49 What obligations are imposed by your country’s membership of international copyright conventions?

It is impracticable to answer this question in this format.