Unfair competition in Bulgaria

The repression of unfair competition dates back to Article 10bis and Article 10ter of the Paris Convention. Initially conceived as a measure for industrial property protection the notion of unfair competition has nowadays become much vaster. In the course of time legal systems have long gone beyond that to reach an understanding where unfair competition law finds its place somewhere between competition law, intellectual property law and consumer protection and yet being one of its own. Today the concept of unfair competition encompasses a most various palette of different national rules gravitating around the idea of commercial fairness between competitors in their business-to-business and business-to-consumer relations. In the same vein the Bulgarian legal system proclaims commercial practices in good faith to be the main value protected by unfair competition law.

In the performance of your economic activity Delchev & Partners’ lawyers may advice you with regard to any action or inaction that may contradict commercial practices in good faith. More specifically we may provide legal consultancy with regard to:

  • general prohibition against unfair competition in Bulgaria;
  • deceit in Bulgaria;
  • misleading and comparative advertising in Bulgaria;
  • imitation in Bulgaria;
  • unfair soliciting of clients in Bulgaria;
  • disclosure of manufacturing and trade secrets in Bulgaria;
  • representation before the national regulator and the court in Bulgaria.




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