Sources of the European law

The primary source of Union law is the EU founding treaties (with the various annexes, appendices and protocols attached to them) and the instruments amending and supplementing them (chiefly the Treaties of Maastricht, Amsterdam, Nice and Lisbon) as well as the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. They form the constitutional framework of the EU.

Law made by the Union institutions through exercising the powers conferred on them is referred to as secondary legislation. It consists of legislative acts (regulations, directives, decisions), non-legislative acts (simple legal instruments, delegated acts, implementing acts), non-binding instruments (opinions, recommendations) and other acts that are not legal acts (e.g. interinstitutional agreements, resolutions, declarations and action programmes).

The international agreements of the EU are a third source of the Union Law.

Sources of unwritten law include:

  • General principles of law – those include inter alia the principles of autonomy, direct applicability and primacy of Union law, the principles of proportionality, protection of legitimate expectations, the right to a proper hearing and the principle that the Member States are liable for infringements o Union law.
  • Legal custom.

The final source of EU law comprises agreements between the Member States.

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